Aakarsh. S. Bhat, also known as Axe in the US, is a software engineer by qualification, based out of Bengaluru. By the age of 16, he took the art of illusion as a serious hobby. Like most illusionists, he was inspired by the TV shows of performers from the west. He set off on a journey to explore the world of mystery and he aimed at making the art, an up-close and personal experience to the common man.

Some of the Fortune 500 companies across the globe have repeatedly hired him, may it be for annual gathering or a private conference.   Download Profile

The Oblivion | Theatrical Stage Show: The Oblivion is a one-man stage show of Aakarsh which involves both visual and mental illusions. Each illusion on stage is carefully handcrafted by Axe and they all are audience interactive!

Close Up Magic: Nothing beats close up magic! Over the years, Axe has engineered some of the most powerful sleight of hand illusions & close up mind reading. Mixed with a bit of pickpocketing, it’s two hours of pure astonishment as Axe works his skilled hands from one group of people to the other in an up-close/ cocktail dinner environment.


Modern Day Mystic | Official Showreel

Aham Brahmasmi | Official Showreel of Illusionist Aakarsh

Modern Day Mystic | Moments of Magic

A special episode from Axe’s YouTube Magic web series, comprising the best magical moments.




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