Namaste! Recently, at an event, an Emcee who was anchoring for that event (still trying to recall his name), saw my performance on stage. As soon as I finished my performance, which ended up with a standing ovation and a surge of divine energy in the crowd, the Emcee walked over to me back stage and said these words (With all due respect to our talented emcees :) ) – “Brother! What I just witnessed in your show, was absolutely phenomenal. We Emcees do the talking, engaging and making the audience laugh, making their events awesome and memorable. But your job demands what we already do plus the ability to astonish people and also carry that essence of mysticism in it! Your job is extremely challenging and awe inspiring. There is no room for error.”

His words left me so inspired about the work we professional illusionists & mentalists do! I decided to tell the world what is the ART of magic and how we illusionists are contributing to the greater good of the society…

The Art

There are tricks and there is magic! If you know how to perform a trick (the method of the trick), then you are just doing tricks. They will in deed be surprising, but they would lack completion as an effect. The impact is much lesser. The method of a magic trick is just one aspect of performing tricks. I see a lot of young magicians, some of whom are even professional, doing just tricks and not the Art of magic!

So what is the art I am referring to here? Anything becomes an art form when something is expressed in a beautiful way through the means of a skill. The skill in our case, is the method of the trick. Performing just a skill is like showing that you can do this or that! But performing in an artful way, shows that you are expressing something through the skill of magic.

If so, then what are the attributes to the Art of Magic? In laymen terms, there is the trick and then there is the Presentation. The trick (or the method) and the presentation should go hand in hand. If you are good at performing a trick but it has a poor presentation, then people would be surprised but it would look as if you are trying to show off that you can do it, which leads to boredom and disconnect with the audience. However, if your presentation is beautiful but your trick is clumsy then the people would be entertained for sure, but they would not be surprised.

When the execution of a trick is perfect and also the presentation is beautifully built around it, the Magic happens! It happens in the minds of the people watching your performance. They get connected to you, get inspired by your performance and sometimes they get tears of joy (Yes! I have witnessed it a few times). We are all emotional beings. If there’s no emotion in what we perform, then it wont connect us to the audience.

Contribution to the society

Magic is such an amazing art form! It helps an individual grow his self esteem, his overall personality, his communication skills, body language, etiquettes, sense of dressing, learn behavioural patterns, spread joy and most of all, tap into that innocent child space in every human. This innocent child space is divine. It brings us all together. It shows that Love is the foundation on which this creation is built. The professional illusionists & mentalists help us tap into this divine space. A space which we seldom tap into!

The art of magic is a gift. It’s not possible for everyone to do magic. But it’s possible for everyone to enjoy watching it from that innocent space. The audience is blessed to be watching a pro magician perform. Next time you see a pro magician, remember! he or she has the power to bring out the divine love from within you! :)

Love & Peace,

Illusionist Aakarsh.

Hari Om Tat Sat.