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Aakarsh, famously known with the stage name Axe, is an award winning international Illusionist, Mentalist & Mental Wellness Coach. Having won the Illusionist of the Year award, he is the go-to entertainer for Fortune 500 companies & celebrities. He has appeared on various TV reality shows across India and he is also a TEDx speaker on mind power.

A software engineer by qualification, he paved way for his career as an entertainer, through sheer hard work & planning. His breakthrough in magic career happened when he was hired as a close-up magician for Carnival Cruise Lines in the U.S. back in 2010. He was able to entertain large gatherings in largest ships in the Carnival fleet. His random hypnosis acts were so addictive to guests, that the hotel director of the ship, had to ask him to stop doing hypnosis, as the pathway was getting blocked by the spectators.

Aakarsh is an inventor. He recalls the inspiring lines of famous western magician, Mr. Michael Weber – “As an artist, it’s my responsibility to give my audience an original experience, rather than simply copy & paste a fellow magician’s ideas and presentations.”

Today, Aakarsh is a world class corporate entertainer when it comes to close up magic & stage mentalism. He believes in meaningful magic. His innovative card magic and mentalism effects have booked him repeat shows by many corporates across the world!

Apart from being an entertainer, he also guides people into spiritual wellbeing and meditation as a mental wellness coach, under the initiative www.BeyondIntellect.org

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